Our Mission

is to provide a hand-up to children and families in troubled times. By reaching out to and connecting individuals, families, churches, businesses, schools, and other assistance organizations in our community, we are able to help people with diverse difficult situations and a variety of needs. From school supplies to shoes and clothing, appliances to furniture, even finding homes and jobs for those who struggling, we step in and take action when we can, and find help when we can’t. We strive to connect and build unity between all the citizens of Moore County, so that we can learn to assist our neighbors, and help everyone thrive.

Caring Hearts for Kids

is an organization that began on Facebook, back in 2013, as a small group of like-minded people with a desire to help others here in our community. In the many years since, we have continued to grow and expand. We are now a local faith-based mission serving the children and families of Moore County and, since November 2014, an official non-profit charity organization registered in the State of North Carolina. Our facebook group has grown to over 6,000 members; we have a brick and mortar location at which we collect and distribute donations free-of-charge; and we continue to be a networking resource for anyone in need.

Our Projects

have included teaming up with Cruzin 4 Kids, Moore County schools, and Shoe Carnival to provide school shoes for teens in lower-income area schools. We coordinate and run multiple fundraising drives each and every year to fund similar other projects where we provide clothing, supplies, and other necessities to those impacted by disasters and hard times. Though most of our focus is on families in Moore County, we often ship packages to the Philippines, West Virginia, South Carolina, and New Jersey to help other at-need people. In 2019, in addition to helping families that applied directly through Caring Hearts, we participated as a provider in the Christmas for Moore program. Altogether, we helped give Christmas gifts to 54 families (197 individuals) who might otherwise have gone without.​

OUr Goals

for the future are ambitious, and we are excited to help more people and make a bigger impact. We plan to have even more events centered on and for the benefit of kids in Moore County. We are in the process of purchasing an ice cream truck that will be re-purposed to provide free food/snacks to kids and teens in local communities. We will continue to build partnerships and work closely with government agencies, pregnancy centers, homeless and domestic abuse shelters, and other charitable organizations to reach the populations truly in deep need.

Your Help

is greatly appreciated! It is because of the generosity of individuals, businesses, and organizations who share our vision, that we are able to do what we do. Do you love what you hear? If so, we invite you to join with us in serving Moore County and at-need families all around us. We are ever in need of volunteers. We welcome all who wish to serve with us – please reach out, and we’ll put you to work. We are also constantly accepting donations. While all items are generally accepted, we would be especially grateful at this time for any of the items listed on our DONATE page.

Direct Donations

Packaged Food/Snacks

Bottled Juice and Water

Hygiene Products

Trash Bags / Cleaning Supplies

Storage Bins

In-Kind Donations

Monetary Donations

Event Donations (Items for Auctions/Raffles)

Gift Cards/Certificates – Grocery or Any Retail

Kid’s Meal Certificates

Sponsorships (help with rent/office expenses)